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"After 3 foot surgeries and 2 different Physical Therapists, I had the pleasure of working with Dr James. He was amazing the way he tailored my therapy to what was most important to me, getting me on my bike and back to practicing yoga. He had a holistic approach that strengthened more than just my foot. Now I am back to my normal routine and stronger than before!"

Karlyn Pipes

"As a lifelong competitive swimmer, I regularly have tightness and pain in my right shoulder, (due to the imbalance in my stroke caused by breathing on one side). After a brief assessment, James used a simple range of motion test in both shoulders, then prescribed an exercise to help my posterior capsule relax. Immediately my range of motion improved and my discomfort was relieved. In just one visit! James’s intuitiveness and knowledge made a huge difference! I’m looking forward to our next session."


"I have seen Dr James a few times for some minor but, painful sport related injuries over the years. His unique approach to PT, using Yoga, as well as traditional stretches and strengthening exercises, is well suited to middle aged athletes like myself. James had me back on my yoga mat and riding my bike, quickly and more importantly without re-injuring myself. I've worked with a few PT's over the years and Dr James is the best bar none. I would recommend him to anyone in need of physical therapy."

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