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Dr James Lambert

Dr James Lambert

Hi I'm Dr James Lambert PT, DPT. I fell in love with California back in the 80's, when my family and I would fly out and visit my cousins every few years. After graduating and working in England as a Physio, since 2008, the move to the US in 2014 seemed like a natural step.


I love living and working here, experiencing healthcare in both the hospital setting and outpatient clinics. Over time, I began to see how the current healthcare model helps people achieve a certain level of health before the insurance companies put a limit on future appointments. This leaves people with very few options before their insurance actually runs out. I would often be asked if I could continue to see patients after this point.


That was when i decided to set up my own mobile physical therapy service, in the Yuba/Sutter/Sacramento area and provide the dedicated care that patients deserve. By setting up this model, I knew I could provide the quality of care people deserve with 1 hour long sessions, focusing on getting people back to doing what they love and reaching their full potential. Maybe a long term goal is running that first marathon, hiking up that trail or just playing with the grand kids.

With developing this model and seeing patients return to doing what they love, I knew I was on the right path setting up Prana Physio.

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