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Helping you perform at your highest level, signing up and finishing that next race!


At Prana Physio, I understand just how important it is for you to be able to train throughout the year. I can help you avoid potential injuries through movement assessments, identifying imbalances and dysfunctions. My goal is to help you stay active, fit and training for your next event!

As well as Physical Therapy, I can guide you on how the practice of Yoga will not only compliment this process but, also sustain you throughout your life and competing at your highest level. I aim to help you maximize the strength/efficiency of your swim stroke, power on the bike and optimal running form, to suit your body and goals.

"After being thrown in a swimming pool by a family friend at 5 years old. I learnt to swim early and loved the water. Learning to ride my first bike and running around chasing a football, meant I was destined to always be active.

Over the years, my love of exercise has developed and I took the plunge with my first Olympic Triathlon in 2017. My first half soon followed and then Ironman Santa Rosa in 2019. I love the sport and my mission is to help people stay fit, healthy and enjoying their own passion for it." Dr James.

Curious how I can help?

Curious about entering your first Triathlon, half or full Ironman?

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